Security and Ethics

Safe and Sound

InterCasino is 100% secure and only collects personal details for service purposes. The security of our players is paramount to us.


With complete online security including 24 hour customer service support and InterCasino's rigorous ethical policies, you will be able to have complete peace of mind and enjoy our exclusive transparent environment.

Account Security

All accounts held at InterCasino are subject to the following security measures:

Always keep your password completely confidential.

Personal information verification

All users should register with their full mailing address and full legal name (no initials or abbreviations) when generating an account at InterCasino. Users found to have registered with an abbreviated or false name or mailing address are subject to having their account(s) locked.

Withdrawal verification

All withdrawals are due to account verification. This is to ensure the constant safety and security of your own InterCasino account.

Account identifiers

Each account is identified by an exclusive account number, which is automatically generated when the account is prepared. This account number cannot be changed.

Account statements

Account statements can be viewed online in real-time, 24 hours a day.


If, for any reason, you want to discuss your InterCasino account with one of our support team, please contact our Support.

Integrity and Transparency

InterCasino unites stability, security and safety within all of its online gaming features, as well as all of the financial transactions online.

We have strict policies on compliance and the protection of our client's data, and also ensure that all measures are in place to restrict minors from the site, as well as reducing the risks of compulsive gambling.

The details of all our policies are highlighted below, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team if you require any clarification regarding these points.


InterCasino abides by all gaming laws and regulations of the jurisdiction within which it does business.


InterCasino voluntarily agrees to make its systems, algorithms and practices accessible for inspection and review by any legitimate gaming commission or government authority.

Consumer privacy and data protection

InterCasino protects its customers' privacy and confidentiality in all areas of data control. We system controls in place to both reveal and eliminate fraud including internal and external hacking.


InterCasino will always be honest in all advertising and promotional efforts and publishes only accurate information about its processes. Gaming and wagering rules and registration procedures are made available to the public online.

Dispute resolution and audit trails

In order for InterCasino to offer both appropriate and efficient dispute resolutions, InterCasino securely holds detailed transaction records of all its financial dealings. These records are then archived and are accessible to the applicable client, any legitimate gaming commission, or to any government authority upon request.

Limiting access by minors

InterCasino maintains sufficient power to prohibit minors from accessing its gaming system. These controls necessitate customers to declare that they are of lawful age and InterCasino establishes reasonable measures to verify this information through obtained documentation.

Controlling compulsive gambling

InterCasino is committed to detecting and reducing compulsive wagering. Our procedures also include monthly deposit limits and an analysis of gambling patterns.

Banking and transaction processing

InterCasino carries out its banking and financial dealings in accordance with the accepted standards of internationally recognised banking institutions. InterCasino adheres to all of the jurisdictional laws pertaining to transaction reporting.