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We've put together an all new Welcome Offer for players starting at InterCasino for the first time. Our new offer guarantees a total of $500 in Welcome Cash, and will help you climb the ranks of our loyalty program, letting you exchange the Credits you earn for even greater bargains in the Loyalty Shop!

Getting your Welcome Cash

Follow these steps to be sure of getting your Welcome Cash:

❶ Sign up at InterCasino

❷ Make your first ever deposit and start playing games with cash! (You can even deposit with Bitcoin.)

❸ Win or lose, every time you play a game with cash you'll get Credits

❹ Exchange your Credits for Welcome Cash items at the Loyalty Shop! Best of all, there's no time limit on the offer!

Credits and the Loyalty Program

The InterCasino Loyalty Program

Everything you need to know about Credits can be found in the InterCasino Loyalty Program.

In the loyalty program there are a total of seven ranks. Your level increases over time when you play with cash on your favourite games. As you climb the levels, you will get access to more deposit bonuses and free spins which you can get from the Loyalty Shop.

Earning Credits!

At the same time as you rise through the ranks of the loyalty program, you will also be gathering Credits which you can exchange in the Loyalty Shop.

The rate at which you accumulate Credits differs depending on the number and amount of cash wagers you place, together with your rank in the loyalty program. But be aware, the RTP of the game you're playing is also a factor.

The lower the RTP (return to player) of the game, the more Credits you'll get when you place cash wagers on that game. For example, imagine two games, one with a 94% RTP, and the other with a 97% RTP, even if you bet the same amount, you will accumulate Credits much faster playing on the game with the 94% RTP.

Take your time and choose your games with care. There's a casino full of games to explore.

Start getting your Welcome Cash!

As you can see in the table on this page, you can buy Welcome Cash items valued between $5 and $50. 'HOT' items, in particular, can be bought at a much lower Credit price than usual, so those are especially good to aim for.

If you have your eye on a particular item, then as soon as you have enough Credits to qualify for it, you can head to the Loyalty Shop and buy it.

Features of Welcome Cash items:

  • No wagering requirements: remember, these are cash items. You can continue to play with them as cash or withdraw your funds and take a break.
  • No time limit to collect them: all of these items are valid until you earn $500 Welcome Cash. You can keep earning Credits and collect them whenever you like.
  • Win or lose, you'll still earn Credits: as long as you're placing cash bets you'll get Credits, win or lose.
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